July 17, 2005


Hello, everyone. I'm not sure if anyone actually reads these blogs, but if you're reading this, someone must, so welcome. I suppose I'll start off by explaining why this blog exists.

As an academic, I spend a lot of my time reading and thinking. Most of this, I do in the context of preparing for class or writing. However, since all this reading and thinking is aimed toward some specific task, I develop or simply hit on a number of ideas that don't fit the project on which I am working. I will think to myself, "That's an interesting idea. I'll have to return to it later". And then, I never do.

So, I created this blog to catalogue these ideas. Several of them may seem incomplete. Perhaps one day, I will return to them. Perhaps not. They are the ideas that are either too abstruse, too controversial, or simply too cumbersome to find their way into my normal philosophical work. What I can promise you is that each of them, at least for a single day, struck me as very interesting. I hope you enjoy them.

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